Mommy Needs to Breathe

“Moooooommmmmmy!!!!” “Mommy, how to do this?” “Mooooommmmy, I want story book.” “Mommy, I don’t know how to do this.” “Wah, beee, how ah? I really cannot accept…” “Mommmmmmmmy, I want homework” Mommy, moooommmmmy, mommy, moooommmy, beee, mommy, beee, moooooommmmyyy, mommy, beeee, mommmy, mooooommmmy, beeeee, mooommmy, mommy, bee, mommy, bee, mooommmmyyy!!! “Wait, wait, WAAAIIIITTTTT!” cried the […]

Where Was I?

It’s been 2 weeks since I last wrote. My attempts failed yet again althought its a very conscious one. Ah… where was I? I got lost in my dreamland this morning. Indulging a little on that pathetic sweetness, whatever that’s left and can be tapped. I would love to indulge a bit more but it […]