Movie – Avengers: Endgame

That was the moment that I’ve been waiting since morning. To watch the final movie of this big franchise that I’ve followed since n-years ago. And now that the 3 hours had gone, excitement disappeared and is replaced by a sense of loss.

Is this really the end of the ‘game’?

Let’s recap. In the last movie, the Infinity War, Thanos snapped a finger and half of the Universes’ population disappeared.


The movie started with what was seen in part of the trailer, where is shows Hawkeye teaching his daughter to use the bow and arrow. That was before the ‘snap’. I supposed you know what happens next.

The movie then began really slowly, to show the part where Ironman recorded a message in his helmet with whatever power that was left. It was sad. There don’t seem to be any hope left but something unexpected happened. Was that the hope that everyone thinks it is?


Lost. Despair. Failure. They tried. They all tried but there is nothing that they can do. For a short while, I really thought that was the end though it’s definitely not possible because we are only 30 minutes into the movie! That was when one thing came after another, and there was not a moment where I felt that I can missed it to go for a toilet break!

I love this movie! Even though the pace was rather slow at the front part of the movie as it tries to build up the story, and to connect the pieces up. But at the end of it, it seems like there were some kind of closure for all the characters (I can’t think of any that doesn’t yet), especially the main ones. Tad sad though…

Anyway, great movie. Biggest takeaway? Back to the future is not real!!! Can you imagine that?!! *facepalm*


Movie – Doctor Strange

We sneaked out again! This time round for Doctor Strange! What movie is this about? Honestly, I have no idea and neither does the lil’ hub. All I knew before I watched was that it’s under Marvel and the review seems not too bad, that’s about it. I don’t even know who is the main casts except that the guy’s face looks somewhat familiar, which I found out to be Benedict Cumberbatch, the guy who starred in Star Trek into the Darkness (still doesn’t ring a bell?)


Never mind!

It’s a nice movie, starting with something being stolen and weird people fighting in weird ways and then with the background of the story, showing Doctor Strange, a real doctor, operating complicated surgeries. He’s proud and confident, and so full of himself, until a tragedy happened and he couldn’t continue to be one. So he seeks for all types of treatments and finally found the Ancient one, that is where he began to open his mind… and that’s also where I stop so that I don’t spoil your movie. Oops.

Entertaining. Exciting. The lil’ hub commented that it’s a tad slow at the start but I thought it was quite good to build up the background of the story before jumping into it. There never really was any part where you get bored after that. Graphics were quite nice too. There’s probably only one thing which I don’t quite like. The monster. It looks a little too cartoon for me. Otherwise, thumbs up for this movie! I will give it a 4.5 for such an entertaining one.

Am also looking forward to the sequel, with the rest of the gang! Which gang? Well, stay after the credits then ^^

Movie – X-Men: Apocalypse

Woohoo!! Nice movie! At least it is for me considering the fact that I had a relatively disappointing and interrupted Civil War a few weeks back. At least for this, its a totally undisturbed 145 minutes of enjoyment time with the lil’ hub. The best thing is, I’m watching it not when it’s almost going off screen! Oh well, I’m easily satisfied. *LOL*

So yes, the movie. One that I have waited for around 2 years. Basically if you can recall, the last one that they had showed clips of what will happen. I didn’t read those comics so I ain’t sure who Apocalypse was. And initially, before I watched this movie, I had this impression that he was an alien who came from outer space in this era. Turns out, he is not!

Then there were all the parts where it shows how the batch of X-Men (Scotts, Jean, Storm etc.) came about.

And of course, I shall not review too much since its only out yesterday. But all in all, I am quite happy with the plot for it links up a lot to the past X-men movies and answered some of my questions, e.g. how did Professor X become bald?

It also makes me wonder about the origin of human beings. After all, it is still quite a mystery on how pyramids are being built. And I’ve been wondering why does the pharaohs and what not always seems to be bigger. What’s with those masks too? Is it… hmmm…


Well, definitely a great movie to catch this weekends! I’ll give at least a 4 out of 5 stars for the plot and the graphics! And the hardly see much advertisements! (And yes, I am still very very sore about the last Transformers movie)

Hmmm… feels like watching the whole X-men movies now, in sequence (from how it started). Anyhow, enjoy then! ^^

Movie – Spider-Man 3

Ah… the old spiderman is so much better than the new one… The amazing spiderman? Hmm… I wonder how amazing it is. I’m sorry, but I’d never watched “The Amazing Spiderman” before.

Anyway, it’s the season for all the superheroes movies to be coming out, and so Channel 5, as usual, will start to show all those related movies. And so here it is, today it’s Spider-man 3!

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Movie – E.T.

Wow… Have you watched E.T. before? Wow… It’s the FIRST time I’d watch it and WOW…

Erm… starring Henry Thomas (Elliot) as the 10 year old child who found E.T., and also Drew Barrymore (Gertie) as his 5 year old sister. Basically, E.T. was left behind while trying to pick up some flora samples (apparently he’s a botanist). But a car of government people came and his spaceship left without him. So while seeking refuge at the tool shed in Elliot’s house, that’s where Elliot found him.

Subsequently after that, Elliot discovered that he seems to have some psychic connection with E.T.. Slowly, Elliot, his elder brother and younger sister became friends with E.T., where he also learned to speak English. On Halloween, they also managed to sneak E.T. out so that he can make a call back home. But the next day… both Elliot and E.T. were found dying…

Erm… It’s a 1982 movie, so… it’s a tad slow, really. Not like the alien-kind of movies nowadays. There’s not a lot of actions and the spaceship looks so cartoon-like. A lot of times, I’m simply skipping it off. Oops. But nonetheless, it’s quite a nice movie, especially if you have watched it at that time.

You know what they should do? Film a PART 2 after 20+ years, showing the kids and the E.T. all grown up! With all the more high-tech equipment! *LOL*

After all, if we manage to improve our equipments, I believe the E.T. would to! ^^


Movie – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Did we escape and sneak out again?! YOU BET! *LOL*
Okay, I know we (lil’ hub and I) are being really naughty to have ran out like that in the middle of the afternoon, but I wouldn’t want to miss this one, especially when the trailer seems so nice!


A fantasy story, based on a novel (after which at the end of the whole movie, after I googled a little, then I realized) by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about this teenage girl, Clary (starring Lily Collins) who started to see weird things and a symbol which she couldn’t understand. And after an incident where she saw a guy (Jace, starring Jamie Campbell Bower) killing another in a pub, things became even weirder. Her mum, who apparently hid some truth from her, didn’t get the chance to explain to her, and was captured by the bad guy, named Valentine.

By the time Clary went back to her house, she was greeted by this monster dog. Luckily, Jace came to her rescue and killed the monsterous dog. After that, Clary found out that her mum, like Jace, is a shadowhunter, and that she hid the truth from her, so as to protect her.

Nice? Well, I’d never read the novel before, so as one who just watch a new movie, it wasn’t too bad, really. There might be some parts where it’s a little cheesy and blurry, like the one where Jace and Clary kissed at the garden. And then there’s this portion where I don’t understand why Hodge (an old guy who used to be a shadowhunter) were so scare of Valentine. And then I don’t understand why the portal will just freeze and explode. And what’s the purpose of the mortal cup again?

Oh, am I divulging a little too much?

Well, why not just stop wondering, and go watch it, and then subsequently wait for it’s sequel to come out. Alternatively, like what I’ll be doing, search for the novels and read it!