Juggling Balls

“Sometimes, I think life is really a bit overwhelming. Wonder if it’s because I suck at it.” “I agreed. It’s like having issues trying to juggle and ensure no balls fall off your hands.” “Ya… But the balls kept falling, and then more balls dropped onto your hands. And soon, you realised the balls are […]

Mommy Needs to Breathe

“Moooooommmmmmy!!!!” “Mommy, how to do this?” “Mooooommmmy, I want story book.” “Mommy, I don’t know how to do this.” “Wah, beee, how ah? I really cannot accept…” “Mommmmmmmmy, I want homework” Mommy, moooommmmmy, mommy, moooommmy, beee, mommy, beee, moooooommmmyyy, mommy, beeee, mommmy, mooooommmmy, beeeee, mooommmy, mommy, bee, mommy, bee, mooommmmyyy!!! “Wait, wait, WAAAIIIITTTTT!” cried the […]


It’s those mornings that you dread. That the inevitable had come. The first message you read on your phone. 24 hours had passed since I received the news that my 2nd aunt had passed on. Ain’t that surprise, just hoping that it will be a few more weeks but yet am already very thankful that […]


Hey… what are you doing there? Nothing. Just lying on the bed, exhausted, thinking through the day, thinking through the years, thinking through my life… What is there to think? Tons… for one, I felt especially emotional today. It was little milkie’s Primary 1 school orientation. I felt excited. But the moment when the teacher […]