Past #0001

“Computer without power is useless,
Computer with power without internet is wasteful,
Computer with power and internet connection is ultimate enjoyment,
Computer with power and internet connection in a room with only you alone… is heaven”

1.30pm: It has been a very fruitful morning. Tiring too. Been staring at the codes and trying to understand it for the whole day. But felt that I had did something worthwhile and not rot throughout the whole morning. Hmm… now just finished my lunch. And talking to the IA friends now. We decided to give gifts to each other on FRIENDSHIP DAYS! When? 14th Feb haha… When you got a boyfriend, you celebrate Valentines’ Day. When you don’t have, you celebrate Friendship Day. WAhahaha.

4.48pm: ah… Done something, but not as much as in the morning. Cleared some questions liao, kinda understand how the code works, but tomorrow have to try again. Someone wants to DATE me!! haha… so funny… know that person for quite a long time liao. Actually find it weird cos its been a long time since someones wants to date me. Been attached for a long time. Love that guy a lot. But too bad lah, Maybe… we are Not MADE FOR EACH OTHER… Today’s gonna be over soon, and someone told me its raining outside… sigh.. On the day that I broke up, its raining too.. on the sunday & saturday… Never mind, stop thinking about that. Perk UP! One of our IA gal gonna move out of the server room =( Bye

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