Flashback #0002

8.19am: Start of the day. The gal is moving out. Goodness… one person one cubicle… that will be so boring… Can’t chit chat anymore =( Have to start looking at the codes again. Sigh… Always look on the bright side of life. From now on, i’m gonna stop thinking of anything. Its all in the past. I’ll put everything inside the website. And it’s over =P

1.27pm: Just finish lunch. Whole morning trying to test the stupid java program. Dunno why cannot connect to database. Whats worse…I dunno whether the connection to the database that they gave is correct or not… how?? nvm, cool down… aiyo… and they ask me to help to draw a 3D booth for them using PENCIL and PAPER… sigh… now still drawing.. then still need to put LCD monitor. Goodness. Urgh… back to the drawing liao. Can finally get my modem today. Phew!

3.06pm: ah… self-declared break till the problems is solved. Not my fault not being able to connect to the database =P I’ve got no idea how to, so can only wait till its done before I can continue. Dad just came to collect my IC & authorization letter. Hopefully i can set up my broadband by TONIGHT!! SO EXCITED!!

4.50pm: ok, time to pack up and go. Can finally connect to database but weird, can’t find the table. Also dunno whats wrong. Raining outside now. Seems very heavy. Yesh! Got my modem & vouchers!

8.01pm: heeheehee… got my broadband connection… wahahaha… so happy!! COS I FINISHED MY FIRST FUNCTION!!! Tho’ stayed back for 15min more, but its DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Felt so nice.. cos i had accomplished something =P Ganbatte!

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