Past #0003

9.05am: Just had a talk with our sup’s sup. Phew! Ok lah, nothing much, she just ask what we are doing. Hmm.. nice day today. Gotta do testing. Nu Li! Jia You! Ganbatte ne!

10.24am: Oh Goodness! I haven’t done anything for the whole morning yet! Ah… cannot waste time already. Hee hee, next Thursday got a talk on CISCO! Got something new to learn already! Tonight go back gotta quickly make the gifts for people. No time liao.

11.15am: Have to start using XML & XSL liao. Sigh.. another language which I dunno. But nvm, i BELIEVE i can DO IT and i WILL DO it…keke… Jia you!.. No no…NU LI! *sounds better* =P

1.28pm: ah… Just had a very filling lunch. Fried rice.. hmm..not very nice, the Polo Club one nicer… But nvm, continue to Ganbatte! Hmm.. FINALLY they decided & concluded that we go Orchard.. My jc friends… get used to it =P

2.43pm: YEAH! COMPLETED my first login function! after walking here & there for the past 1.5 hrs. Why, ‘cos i one person is facing 3 COMPUTERS!! out of which, one is on the other side of the room…haha…heehee…tian tian dou shi hao xing qing! Bu guan gua feng huo xia yu. Ou er nan mian bu ru yi, ye mei shen me zhi de shen qi! …

3.20pm: Eeeekk….ate another big piece of cake! I’m SOOOOO FAAATT BUT so huggable…keke =P.. aiyo… so thick skin.. =P

4.26pm: Time to countdown again, together with all my friends who are doing their IA… CHeers to our weekends!

5.22pm: …Sitting down and dreaming away.. ‘hey, why the sudden sadness on your face?’.. i dunno.. missing someone.. ‘him?’.. no.. weird.. but no… its Him, not him.. ‘again?’.. again?..yes..again.. ‘why the sudden? so long ago…’ i dunno…


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