Flashback #0006

10.20am: slept sooo welllll last night…but alas.. gotta wake up in the morn to go work.. so nice if today never work.. then probably i’ll sleep till very late kkeke… alamak.. so busy for the whole morn, haven’t taken my breakfast yet. A bit sleepy ah… *yawn*

1.30pm: ah… still very tired.. heehee…nvm..going to get the photos soon… ah.. read the whole section on Alerts but still have no idea how to do. Nu Li! read thru’ again..

3.39pm: heeheehee… got the photos liao!!! so funny, the elephant one..wahah.. nice photo nice photo, the girl and the boy =P

5.32pm: Time to go home!!! Today never did much things ah. Brain a bit dead. But ok lah, worth it. Cos yesterday really enjoyed myself. Hmm.. Today ..hmm.. nvm, promise not to think about it liao. Bye bye!

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