Flashback #0007

8.34am: *stretch* *yawn* start of a new day… bone aching.. eating my delicious pandan cake now.. mm… oishiiiiii… =P Yeah, got plans to go out on Valentines’. OOps, i mean Friendship day.. haha.. hm.. can’t remember when was the last time i never celebrated that. So sad..? sad? no no.. can’t be sad, cannot feel sad, must be STRONG huh? keke… yesh, must be strong… heeheehee =P Ganbatte!

11.05am: watashi wa.. atama ga.. itai desu… headache.. very pain ah.

11.55am: wah…really headache.. feel like going to be sick =( urgh… Chinese New Year coming,.. cannot be sick.

1.12pm: argh.. just came back from lunch, took a panadol. Felt feverish liao… headache headache ah.. pain pain =(

2.01pm: isn’t it nice to know that just a friend can actually buy food for you to eat and bring it all the way to your work place? so sweet huh… hmm… fever also never mind, to know that i got such a friend =)

4.36pm: One more hour.. and then its time to go home.. Think need a good rest today. Life is weird huh? So many coincidence? Sometimes its really just so unbelievable. But then it still happen. Sometimes really wonder why is it so. Sigh… My brain is dying… Panadol makes you stupid. I ate that. =P

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