Past #0037

9.46am: Another start of a new week. Monday… Bluuueeesss… ok lah, not too bad lah. But can be brighter.. Going on a strict diet. Yes! This time will be able to do it! Have to!!!

2.22pm: Actually i very tired and sian now. Tired ‘cos yesterday never sleep well. Dunno why also but can’t sleep. Sian cos i can’t seem to make the thing i’m doing work… losing hope, losing hope..

3.44pm: Really feel like crying… Tried for an hour already with so many software and NONE of them works… *sob* =( And my cousin send me an email to help me with something and i NEVER RECEIVE THE EMAIL!!! What is happening…. urgh… i hate it when things turn out like that… Don’t complain.. cool down… *take a deep breathe*

4.34pm: Once in a while, i’ll get really real moody.. And THIS IS THE TIME NOW!!! I feel like crying out!! I feel like shouting!!! I dare not look at the time, ‘cos I just kept staring at it, waiting for each minute to pass… its so difficult… i hate this…

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