Flashback #0045

8.54am: cold cold today… in air-con room.. aiyah.. IA fren never come again, nobody to chat.. else have to go all the way outside.. so lazy.

11.40am: ok… i’ve been staring at the codes for hours.. and its really freezing over here. Gee… dunno why me friend says i very pale today.. GOSH! oops.. don’t tell me i’m falling sick AGAIN!.. ah… steady steady… urgh… think i used too much brain cells today.. dying dying dying…


3.39pm: wah… still so full after having Long John just now… 2.5 hours past liao.. cannot tahan ah.. too full.. urgh.. managed to get a simple eVB program running, but.. sigh.. dunno how to refresh the thing.. also dunno how to link two forms.. Goodness… never mind.. success goes to those who never gives up! Yeah! Jia you!


7.21pm: Heehee.. normally i don’t write at this time BUT I SAW A RAINBOW JUST NOW!!! About 20 min ago!! So nice.. so beautiful.. just wanna share it with.. heehee =P

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