Past #0046

8.34am: haha… early in the morning, i saw one very funny thing. There’s this guy walking in front of me, with not much hair and he actually took out the comb and COMB it!! ok.. nvm.. just me ah.. keke.. Then i’ve got this friend beside me… sigh.. these few days sooooo happy.. of course lah.. he likes someone mah.. then that someone is just outside the server room…. kekeke… oh my god..

10.53am: gee.. alone in the server room now. One on mc and the other went to bedok camp.. so bored. And have to face this stupid code. Debug for the whole of yesterday’s afternoon till now still dunno where i got it wrong.. sigh..

2.50pm: wow! really happy for the whole day! Also dunno why BUT JUST FELT HAPPY!!!

5.08pm: raining heavily outside now. Lucky dad later coming to fetch me.. keke.. so nice huh? ENVY? =PP

9.52pm: just came home a while ago… so tired.. so sian.. so boring.. sigh.. what a life…

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