Past #0048

8.31am: wah… very tired today. Body aching. Must be yesterday morning jog, too hot, then hurt my leg a bit… still sort of pain today. Then after that went Kallang to see car ‘cos uncle wants to buy car. Then evening went Choa Chu Kang cemetery to pay respects to my 4 grandparents.. hmm.. kinda sad lah.. but.. was raining ah.. then i was drenched.. a bit headache.. gosh.. then hadn’t got a good sleep.. kinda got nightmares ah.. dunno why also, but long time since i’ve got nightmares liao.. bad night sleep. Phew.. so now i’m back to work.. what can i say.. I HATE MONDAY!

3.41pm: dunno why suddenly felt very giddy… like going to faint… i’m not hungry leh.. i drank a lot of water also.. Please don’t let me get sick again.. i still got a lot of things to do..

4.58pm: getting more and more giddy… lucky going home soon.. have to rest early today. ah.. still got report needs to do. And friday got presentation.

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