Flashback #0049

8.21am: ok.. just finish my bread for breakfast! Later still got one more apple to go! ah… getting fatter, eating more and more.. weird hah? exercise then get fatter? Don’t understand the logic.. must control my diet..

2.50pm: heehee… manage to get the signature thing going!! yeah!! 3 cheers for me!! now have to decode it using VB… argh.. i think i’m seeing and using too many software.. makes me blur.. Then tonight really have to start doing a bit of my report. At least must plan which topic to note down.. else will have to rush, which I don’t want that to happen. Goodness 2000-5000 words… can die ah.

4.09pm: Just had my tea break. Had a cup cake and a packet of milk. So tired.. been staring at the comp for hours… now outside raining.. hoopefully the rain stop by 6pm, then i can go jogging.

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