Flashback #0055

8.18am: Back in the office again. Today seems like not much mood to do my work. Now its raining outside.. so nice.. *take a deep breathe* Felt very peaceful still this morning. Is that a good thing? I dunno.. I only know I really need some peace & quiet, which I’m getting it now.. Today going Sim Lim Square to look at PDAs..

1.21pm: argh… suddenly felt so low again… i hate this… i HATE XXX!!!!

3.19pm: …Tears start falling when i think of you.. can’t help myself.. …my love is for real.. … …

3.26pm: I’ve never felt so terrible before… i’m listening to those songs now… why?… why can’t i stop thinking.. please… =( I want to go away.. I need to go away.. let me go away… I can’t stay here any longer.. i can’t… i really can’t.. not anymore.. Endure ya? 1 year and 2 months more..

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