Past #0058

9.08am: Ah.. today a bit late. Not i’m late for work, but late to type my periodicals… keke.. Went over to NaNa’s and decide the forum that we want to use. Alas!.. dunno which one to get yet… Mood? Well er… like that lor.. Not feeling exactly happy, but life goes on.. *sigh* Just a year more mah, right? then I’ll be able to go.. yah… ENDURE!

11.43am: Heehee… me bought a new Muji Organiser yesterday!! metallic one!! Very nice.. now i can write everything inside.. Gotta make my life a bit more organise. Don’t want to let anything come and disturb it again… heehee..

1.33pm: back after lunch. Gotta go back to work. Now listening to a very nice song by Chemistry, a jap group. Title: My gift to you… very meaningful ne… ^o^ Just wanna wish him happy.. that’s enough.. Thank him for giving me those sweet & short memories.. I’ll treasure them for my life.. ^o^ *smile*

4.27pm: Raining very heavily now… don’t think can go jogging later. Never mind, today a bit tired also. Went to jog early in the morn for the past 2 days. so nice..


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