Past #0060

8.14am: SARS & SARS & more SARS… sigh.. now where got time to think about other things right? Other than SARS.. alright lah, not too bad.. But like quite a few things cannot do.. OOPs! Just remembered yesterday promised my gfs to go pub next wednesday.. Alas!.. haha.. seriously huh.. its quite enjoyable to always hang out with a bunch of girls only.. Kinda enjoying it… =PP

11.30am: So quiet today. Lately have been keeping myself rather busy, which is definitely a GOOD thing! ‘Cos it keeps my brain OFF A LOT OF THINGS!! heehee.. yah it did.. at least for the whole day till late at night, when i’m trying so hard to get to sleep..

1.34pm: OH NO!!!! I’VE GOT A STRAND OF WHITE HAIR!!! AHHH!!!! Mustn’t think too much… mustn’t think too much… *shake head*

4.56pm: Somebody is driving me crazy..

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