Past #0062

8.24am: Ah… today i woke up at 6am.. Crazy? Yah, i think so too… Gosh.. My bio clock is getting hay-wired… Then it seems like my brain keeps working throughout the day even when I’m sleeping.. No good huh?

11.17am: Oh no.. I’m so hungry now, I can’t do anything at all!! And its still so cold in here.. Freezzzzzing..

4.22pm: One hour more to go. 58 more days to end of IA. 56 more days to my BIRTHDAY!!! ^o^ heehee… AND IT’LL be CHRISTMAS SOON!!! Yeah!!!

5.02pm: Wah, just receive news that from next week onwards, everyday at 9am & 2pm must take temperature and report to the secretary… Really jia lat huh..

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