Past #0064

8.28am: Today i’m really VERY happy!!! Everything is FINALLY OVER!! I feel sooooo FRESH now!! haha… but nah.. me still won’t open the icq ‘cos i’m enjoying all the peace i have now ^o^ heehee… *muakz*

10.52am: Alright! Officially, i have already done all that i can do for now.. so now.. i’m so FREEEEEE… and of course that comes with a tiny little bit of boredom too.. =(

1.46pm: hmm.. had only a cake & a packet of milk just now.. Must keep it up huh… sigh… *drooling for prata now…*

4.19pm: Today’s body temperature 36.8… normal normal.. heehee… see whether its constant.

6.43pm: Forgot something!! today is my SISTER’S 27th BIRTHDAY!!

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