Past #0076

9.23am: Slightly different today. Had quite a heavy and oily breakfast.. hmm.. then later don’t take lunch. ANyway, these few days appetite also not very good. So doesn’t matter. Very tired also.

11.46am: Today really seems different from any other day. Seems so quiet.. WHy is it so? Hmm.. i dunno.. But I’m tired. Benn staring at the comp to do my report. GUess stare too much makes your eyes blurred. Think it will be worse when i start school again. But never mind, i’ll GANBATTE!

3.22pm: Last IA visit from NTU sup over! heehee… very funny guy, i mean my NTU sup. Asked Ryana (my IA fren) if he only wants ONE wife? haha.. Hm… hungry now.. never had lunch today. Hm.. think go grab some snacks later. Gotta finished up my report by tonight!

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