Past #0083

7.57am: .. Early in the morning wake up.. *yawn* .. stares into the mirror.. *gasp* What is a panda doing in my house??!! .. looks closely.. *gasp* AH! THAT’S ME!! … … my body aches.. my hand aches.. my back aches.. my eyes can’t open.. i’m so tired.. so sleepy.. i could just sleep straight away… thanks to the cycling and bowling session… argh.. ah.. i bowled really lousy.. 47 & 50 points only *pengz* =PP

10.37am: .. love you love you yes i love you..

10.59am: icq can’t load.. so sian.. feel like talking to someone.. sigh.. but think when school starts, i also no time to switch on icq already.. fyp gonna be out..

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