Past #0104

Been at home for the past few days. Kinda bored but alright. Trying to find myself back. Trying to find out what I really want in my life. Too many things for me to learn in life. But I’m slowly getting over everything. And I really mean everything. Taking it real easy. Letting everything go…

Past #0103

12.07pm: Attachment ended and you won’t see my periodicals much. Haha.. why? ‘cos i won’t be online that often. Oh well, that’s what happens when my school life starts. No Life. Oh well, thats life, i guess. And i don’t think i wanna stay in front of comp for too long unless needed. Getting a […]

Past #0101

9.59am: Today is my Birthday, 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday To Me!! *wink* Quite busy now, ‘cos later got demo. But its alright, today I’ll be happy, tho’ I’m a bit xxx about something. But its alright, ‘cos it helps me made up my mind on something. Shall not be stupid anymore! Not ever! 11.42am: Woke […]

Past #0100

8.43am: Early in the morn kena nag by my dad for not doing my driving license. Still haven’t expire leh… Later have to go take photos liao, else he’ll grumble whenever he sees me. *shake head* Later gonna continue with my work. Manage to finish most of it yesterday, today gonna do a new one. […]

Past #0099

8.13am: Headache again. Suppose to go for Seminar today with a friend. But yesterday last minute got lotsa work to do. And sigh… felt so bad to fly people’s aeroplane. Lucky she says she got ka kee. Gosh… i wanna fake mc, i think now i’m really sick.. 12.52pm: Just had my lunch. Still having […]

Past #0098

8.47am: Had porridge just now. Not too bad. Gonna start my documentation again. *take a deep breathe* Must really learn how to relax a bit… 1.13pm: Back from lunch. Back to work. Back to studies soon. No time to rest. 3.39pm: I’m gonna cry… last minute throw me work.

Past #0097

9.22pm: Wow…the effect of sleeping pills… Only took like 5 minutes ago.. and now i’m like… not much energy… But.. no good? yah.. i know.. but i need it. i need the sleep… i desperately need it. Haven’t had much nice sleep for the past few months. Nite.

Past #0096

9.04am: I’m nuts. I’m nuts. I’m nuts. I’m nuts. 11.30am: I’m dying. I’m dying. I’m dying. I’m dying. 1.04pm: So tired. So tired. So tired. So tired. 1.38pm: I’m STUCK! I’m STUCK! I’m STUCK! I’m STUCK! 2.59pm: i’m dead. ————————–

Past #0095

8.45am: Had a very heavy breakfast again.. Gosh.. when am I ever going to get into my diet plan..wahahah… =PP bikini… bikini.. have to remember that.. 12.37pm: Headache again… 4.59pm: almost 5pm. Half an hour more and knocking off. Felt so tired. Gosh… I felt like crying again. Yesh.. its.. again. I think I’m too […]