Past #0089

8.09am: Just a few more days… Have to start tidying up things already… Gosh.. how time flies..

11.09am: Heehee.. haven’t tidy up anything. I’m so excited about going back to school!! For Now ONLY! wahaha.. alright lah, I’m always like that. Today quite quiet also.. Hungry.. but never mind, gotta go on diet. One month. Maximum two months.

12.41pm: I’m SO HAPPY AT THIS MOMENT!!! ‘COS SOMEONE IS COMING BACK FROM AUST!!! YEAH!! And before my birthday some more!! So happy… Can’t help but smile ^o^

4.37pm: Just had a jumbo size pocky stick.. *yum* *yum* me friday taking half day off, gotta go back school to meet my FYP supervisor.. Somehow.. seems very scary huh.. school starting…

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