Past #0094

8.24am: Today is my mum’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! heehee.. ah.. need to go cut my nails. Too long already. In the office? Yea yea, cut my nails in the office. wahahaha..

11.06am: Okay, finished two sections today. One more section to go to hit Today’s Target! Yesh! Ganbatte!!! hmm… now waiting for a lady to finish printing.. weird.. i don’t find any tasks under that printer..hmm..

3.00pm: Okay, finished all the MAIN sections!! left the appendices..!!! but.. hmmm.. SEVEN of them? and LONG LONG ones? Sigh.. but never mind.. JIA YOU!! YEAH!! So full now. Ate one loaf of kaya bread. Jia lat.. really eating a lot now. How to go on diet??!

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