Past #0101

9.59am: Today is my Birthday, 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday To Me!! *wink* Quite busy now, ‘cos later got demo. But its alright, today I’ll be happy, tho’ I’m a bit xxx about something. But its alright, ‘cos it helps me made up my mind on something. Shall not be stupid anymore! Not ever!

11.42am: Woke up already! Yeah! TOTALLY! I would say… seriously… kekeke.. Thanks to whoever. I think I need that. Lunch time lunch time!!

12.58pm: My IA friends BOUGHT ME A CAKE!!!! SO NICE!! SO SWEET!! SO TOUCH!!! goodness….

4.08pm: Really very happy today!!! So funny, Xu Feng gave me a packet of sweets. Orange flavour some more!!! My Favourites!! Then he quite handsome o!! *tink* *tink* hahaha.. Then got another Alex Chua gave me a Wang Wang and oreo Chocolate biscuit. Hahaha.. fat ah fat ah.. hahaa.. but never mind, birthday, once in a year, eat a bit more also can! ^o^

5.14pm: 15 more minutes!!!! and to HOOTERS!!! Yeah!

10.51pm: had quite an enjoyable day today. Really thanks to all the people who brought joy to my life. suddenly find myself so stupid.

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