Past #0103

12.07pm: Attachment ended and you won’t see my periodicals much. Haha.. why? ‘cos i won’t be online that often. Oh well, that’s what happens when my school life starts. No Life. Oh well, thats life, i guess. And i don’t think i wanna stay in front of comp for too long unless needed. Getting a bit of phobia about ‘being online’. ah.. think i just need to relax, get away from comp, get away from whoever i need to get away with. Need some time on my own to think things through and thoroughly. I need to start relying on myself and nobody else. In short, be independent. Had that idea half a year ago but kinda, got disrupt by someone. heehee.. whatever..

9.44pm: Back in my house. Felt stress again? Ya.. I duno why. And i think i better switch off the comp asap.

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