Past #0105

8.58am: Sometimes things are just so unexpected. Still thought they might last long, finally. But in the end… still.. Got an email from my friend today. Got a real shock. He said he broke up, officially. Wonder if he’s alright. Relationship… sigh.. I’m getting more and more disappointed with the whole idea. Is it really that hard to love someone and be with that person forever? What’s all the promises for?

9.52pm: Suddenly… missed him a lot again. Teach me how to forget him…someone, please do that.. do it once and for all..

10.02pm: Alright, i just need to talk to someone. hmm.. where can i start.. Today, went to meet my airen to play basketball. Erm.. alright.. actually just throwing the ball in lah. Heehee.. me don’t really know how to play. After a while, unfortunately, saw an extremely big and gross caterpillar.. BIG!! at least 1.2cm long! and its GREEN in colour lor!! And its was wriggling around.. Yucks! I can feel it on my body now also.. urgh.. ok, never mind about that. Stopped playing straight after that. Took a walk to J8, but stopped to play swing. Then went to JY’s house instead. So funny, his maid saw me and said ‘Long time never see you’. Guess she didn’t know bah.. *sigh* Bathed there, then went tabao food to Drick’s place. Nuah there with boon also. After that went home in the evening. Till now.. still home.. hmm.. thats my boring day.. SOMEBODY KILL ME PLEASE!!! *brain freeze*

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