Past #0106

9.24am: Back aches now.. think must be exercise too much for the past few days.. ah.. aiyo.. later still going to swim. hahaha… Whatever.. Yesterday night, so funny. Wanted to watch “Dark Water”. But end up, during the first commercial break, I gave up. Too scary. Hahaha.. heehee ~The End~

10.22pm: Sometimes i really feel like giving up everything. I really did. I’m not happy. I’m not alright. Does anyone know that? I felt like i’m putting up a show sometimes, just to let people not to worry about me. But it gets tired. Not that i never tried. I did. I did tried to get over everything, and anything. But it comes back. It just comes back to haunt me. On and off. I did tried but it really comes back. I get so tired… so tired.. I just felt like sleeping.. my eyes get so swollen up. For what? spare me.. GOD!!! Please… let me forget everything…

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