Past #0115

6.43am: First day of school. So excited. 8.30am lesson some more. As usual, woke up at 6am and start to prepare. Heehee… I’m going back to school!!

7.50am: Just reached school. Waiting for the lecture theatre to open. Heehee… So happy!! Yesh! Ganbatte! I’m wearing PowerPuff Girls top leh! Girl Power! wahahaha…

8.04am: wahahaha!!! first day, first lesson, first one on the LT!! eeeekkkk…!!! =PP

7.30pm: reached home an hour ago, so tired. Today whole day lesson from 0830 to 3.30pm. *phew* Then carried a lot of books and notes back… back aching now… so tired.. Gotta go read up a lot of things.. then… ahhh… ASSIGNMENTS!!! I’ve got one pile of assignments thrown onto my face! But never mind…

10.19pm: Wow… just spent an hour plus revising what i’d learned for ONE subject TODAY… great… no need to sleep tonight..

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