Past #0121

8.54am: I’m not awake yet. I had 7-8 glasses of tequila pop and 2 glasses of wine last night. I’m not awake yet. I just reached home. Went to my cousin’s place ‘cos she said she felt like drinking. So accompanied her since she’s going Australia next year. Why is everyone going overseas?? Damn.. Aiyo… very blur now.. felt like vomiting..

3.03pm: Gosh.. i did everything i can. Took sweets, put towel, drink warm water, bathed… but how come i still feel like vomiting.. aiyo.. cannot study liao.. hmm… just now while bathing.. realised something.. but never mind, a bit R(A), so shall not write here. wahaha… Class95 disco weekend.. nice songs.. heehee.. too bad no energy to dance ah. Nobody at home now. so SIANZ! Why is everyone overseas?? Can’t even call and chat.. so ex-pen-sive.. sigh…

11.06pm: *yawn* Just finished sealing up the envelope to sent for the Fabric of the Nation. YEAH!! i MADE ONE!! Yeah! heehee.. chatted with cousin just now. Realised actually yesterday iDID vomit.. so i wasn’t DREAMING.. “It’s REAL! It’s REAL!” Hahaha… oops.. she had to clean up for me =PP Gosh.. really bad huh? yah.. but long time never drink already lah… she going overseas anyway.. And WHY IS EVERYONE going OVERSEAS!! sigh.. Damn.. never touched any books today. Hangover.. aiyo… Got so many assignments to do.. NEVER ENDING ASSIGNMENTS… sounds familiar? Of course it does, someone kept telling me that for quite a long period of time but recently he seems to have disappear from Earth. Whatever… I’m not gonna care about him anyway ALREADY. *Hm!* *Opened the drawer, took out the photo. Poke his eyes! Poke his eyes!* *grin*

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