Past #0122

1.30pm: Cool huh?! I’m in my FYP lab now.. lobo-ing? hahaha.. no lah. Came to install and test out this computer. Not too bad. Nice environment, with an LCD monitor, the DELL one.. all BLACK Colour.. envy? Hahaha.. then the keyboard not too bad also.. Heehee.. will enjoy life in here but a bit cold tho’. But thats not a problem. Better then outside so hot. Good Good..! ~The End~

9.42pm: Just came back and bathed. Study in school till 7.30pm just now. Took one an a half hours to travel back… Tired sia.. But no other choice mah, can’t apply for hall yet =( But.. *…always look on the bright side of life…* Hmm… someone is going overseas soon.. sigh.. Why is everyone going overseas??? So sian… Don’t really wanna see him leave tho’ its only till next June. In February already felt so terrible when the other one left.. Now another stupid idiot… *grumble* *eyes half-closed. listening to Class95 Love Song. Goodness… love song.. mm… so nice…* If you had a wish, what would you wish for? …I wish everything was the same as it was in February… *…Background song Playing: How Do I Live…* I’ve got no idea, but i had managed to pull myself through for the PAST HALF A YEAR! *AHH!!!*

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