Past #0124

2.34pm: Too many things to do.. Too little time.. Mustn’t sleep that much. Sigh… I’m a bit sad now.. SLept at 2plus yesterday… 5 hours of sleep.. Can’t sleep? No lah.. studying.. *shock* Harlow!! I’m MORE hardworking okie! But at the same time watching the girls in bikinis in ‘Guess Guess Guess!’ sigh.. why i so fat…?!!!

9.11pm: *yawn*… *yawn*…*sniff* *sniff* *yawn*… zzzzz… *AHHH!!!* I haven’t do my assignment! *Shock* *yawn*… =( *cannot sleep cannot sleep*… *ponder*.. *sniff*.. zzz…

:: special edition ::

2.43pm: “But now, I see a bridge. The waters have risen to where the bridge is. The water strong. The bridge is strained. it’s going to snap.”
I stood at the edge of the bridge. Should I cross it? Would the bridge withstand an extra weight with the water pounding on it? “Haven’t the person who built this bridge ever thought that the water would rise to this level? And the water to be that strong?” I thought to myself. “If he did, then I believed that the bridge WILL withstand any kind of strain. And I shall cross it.” I took a small step onto the bridge.. *sqquueeaakk* Questions and questions went through my mind… How old is this bridge? How many different kind of sufferings and strains has it gone through? The builder satisfied, happy with the bridge he built? Why had he chosen to build it across this river instead of others? Would he be devastated if he knew that this bridge will snapped? Did somewhere in his planning failed? Factors that he never considered while designing it? Or did he just built it rushly?.. I wished he DID thought through carefully before deciding to build this bridge. And I believe that every part of this bridge was built from his heart. I took another step towards the other end. *sqqqqquuuueeeaakkk* its getting shaky.. I looked down. Water sweeping across my feet. Scary isn’t it? I felt like the bridge would give way anytime. But HEY! Look at the wear and tear on the bridge! One would have guessed that it HAD been through lots of things. Raining, droughts, decaying.. but it sure will have some memories.. the GooD ones! Allowing people to cross from one end to the other? For all these years? And if the bridge really weren’t strong enough, I believe the builder would have removed it a long time ago, instead of letting it still be here and probably maintaining it? I looked straight ahead to my destination point. It’s not that far away. Trust the builder, trust the bridge, trust the end points. None is going to give way. Look straight ahead and believe it, look on the bright side of life. Bridge might be shaky, but it won’t snap when you think it won’t. Don’t doubt. Think positive. Cracks in bridge, fixed it fast. I crossed it.

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