Past #0125

12.01pm: Back in my FYP lab. Haven’t had my lunch yet, but never mind lah. A bit cold here.. forgot to bring my thicker sweater… ggrrr… *phew* Yesterday wanted to study till late.. but end up so tired, then slept around 10pm. wahahha… jia lat man.. but never mind, I WILL SURVIVE!! heehee =P

5.21pm: Just now took the NEL.. heehee.. very nice view at the front!! like watching from a very slow roller coaster. Or.. maybe like watching a movie.. haha.. Dunno leh.. seem so unreal.. kekeke… So tired.. selling my old textbook to one guy.. very very ‘NIAO’ ah.. asked whether got highlighted or writings, then still wanna cut price.. piang.. feel like asking him to go buy a new text..hahaha.. =PP

10.48pm: Kena stuck at one question… ah.. taking a short break.. headache.. nobody to ask leh. Those that can ask, they also dunno.. neural networks.. oh by the way, any idea what modules I’m taking? Well, I’m taking (in ranking of favourites) neural networks, economics, computer game programming (oops! I took it regardless of someone’s warning..), advanced computer networks, cryptography & network security (weird subject). okie.. no talk rubbish already. Gonna go back to study. Taz!

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