Past #0126

9.30am: Venue: SmartClass. Today’s Computer Game Programming class got guest lecturer. But he’s not here! It’s through video conferencing, so cute! So high-tech right! And that guest lecturer in in Boston now! 12 hours difference! We have a webcam and a LCD monitor in front of us. Can talk to him through the speaker too! Oh… started already.. “Tensions in Game Mechanic Design”

11.10am: Oh gosh.. I really feel like walking out of this lecture theatre.. In the middle of the lecture? No. Lecture haven’t started. I’m here already. But I can’t skip ‘cos once I do that, I’ll keep doing it. Aiyo… I’ve been going lectures after lectures alone. And it’s getting so boring and sian. Friends? Either they took different subjects from me OR they kept skipping lectures. Sigh… Really feeling kinda down =( Today staying back in school to study. AGAIN. Suddenly miss him.

11.43am: Somebody kill me please. the lecturer is explaining the tutorial in an ALIEN language & nobody understands lor! *pengz*

11.55am: *Took out a knife… real sharp & shiny. Not chopper. Knife. Not butter knife. Sharp knife.* I slowly walked towards the front of the lecture theatre. The lecturer was bizzared. ‘Yes, can I help you?’ He didn’t know I had the knife ‘cos I hid it behind my back. I stood in front of him. ‘Say Cheese’ *smile* “GO & DIE! GO & DIE!” ——— wahahahaha…. so fast. so short. peace at last… “Bye Bye LPC. Bye Bye Cryptography. Bye Bye Network Security.” [The above description is pure made-up. Please DO NOT follow it. Pardon me for I’m crazy after studying things like: <2,+>, therefore 2 power 5 = 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2. SIAO huh?]

8.04pm: I”m still in the library. Going soon. Waiting for Cheat. Then go take some photos for my assignment. Sigh… Never ending assignments.. *faintz*

11.28pm: Just came back around 20 minutes ago. So funny… On the way back with my parents and aunties and my baby cousin, he actually pee-d in the train!! And the urine flows till like, 4.5 pole distance lor!! Goodness… and separated into 3 tiny ‘rivers’. wahahha… =PP

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