Past #0127

12.08pm: Life of a programmer: wake up, program, eat, program, eat, program, sleep. Next day wake up, program, eat, program, eat, program, sleep. And the cycle repeats itself… *faintz* I’ve got absolutely no idea why a white light shines on a red surface gives me grey colour… ??? wahahahahah…. ~The End~

5.13pm: Cannot tahan you ah!!! Just an E-card only mah.. can make you smile until like that… Duh.. For so long already some more.. *grinning* … so happy meh? heehee… yah lor! cannot ah? *wink* kuku you! … heehee.. okie lor, kuku me lor.. =PP okie! Jia you! Me go and study!!! YESH!~The End~

6.15pm: Piang… Just kena scared by my 2 years old baby cousin. Was doing my work and staring at the computer, singing a bit. Then suddenly I turned to my right and saw this kid standing there and staring at me.. Gave me a shock! Duh… and he started laughing after that, mumbling “jie jie pa pa. jie jie pa pa.” Goodness… Its the seventh month lor!!

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