Past #0128

11.43am: Just took a lift with a note saying “Lift under servicing” Hahaha… I’m so glad I never got stuck inside. *phew* Started playing the freecell game again, from #1. Heehee… Got 1,000,000 games altogether, let’s keep track and see how long I’ll take. I’m now at #12.

12.52pm: Okie, played until #20. Must stopped and study already. Still downloading the file… aiyah.. think really need to buy a thumbdrive. Else like that really troublesome leh. Download for so long..

6.37pm: Until the #23, have to replay that one, can’t pass. Just had dinner. And now… back to my opengl! Yeah!! I’m going crazy! .. Never mind lah, I’m not the only one. =P

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