Past #0129

9.48am: I’m not stress up now. I’m just plain tired and sian. It’s back again. I dunno why. But probably ‘cos he’s leaving. Getting quite bad. Plus furthermore recently rushing the stupid assignment. I haven’t got enough sleep. And yesterday computer still kena virus. Blaster.worm or something like that. Made me stayed up till 2am to clean it up and make sure it doesn’t attack again. Later going to meet FYP sup. Then have to sell a book to a guy without hp, meeting him at 2pm? He said he didn’t know how to sms me! Goodness! Then after that have to rush do

11.02pm: Alright, its not my fault that my previous entry ended ABRUPTLY. Oh well, there’s that stupid virus in the whole scdhool network and it just shut the computer down for me. Anyway, where was I? ah… after that I rushed back to Hougang for my dental appointment but was an hour earlier. So I went home and had a bowl of instant Noodle (my lunch!) Then went for that terrible dental appointment =D See!!! My TEETH sOOOOO clean now! Hahahaha… then went to watch Bad Boys 2 with the drick, boon & cc. Gross show.. so gory… and.. sigh.. i kena checked TWICE ‘cos its a R(a) movie. Once at the buying counter, once before going in. I’m looking younger & younger.. Not at home now… using some notebook which, I find the buttons so weird. But getting quite used to it. And what else, One GOOD news, deadline for assignment DELAYED!!! YESH! okie! Gonna go do assignment liao. Taz!

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