Past #0131

wah… still so tired. Whole night never sleep on thursday, just to queue up for the application for the halls. It’s so stupid and crazy. Got people start to queue up at like 4pm!!! Can’t believe it right? First time this semester, skipped the whole day lessons. Too tired to be able to concentrate on anything lah. So chose to go home instead. Later gonna go buy some toiletries. Must save a bit of money ah. Oh yah, JY helps me bought my thumbdrive, but haven’t got it from him yet. Still got my umbrella and ‘Friends’ CD still with him. And the computer that he’s going to pass to me! =P hehehe…Okie.. gonna go walk walk a bit. Yesterday went for the Metro measurement thingy… Gosh!.. OMG! *gasp* my figure is DEFINITELY getting WAY out of SHAPE. *sob*

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