Past #0136

12.56pm: heehee… me in FYP lab again again.. using the emulator to check my email. wahaha.. siao right? but never mind lah. Aiyo, got game assignment to hand up this sunday. Then monday early morning, around sunday midnight, gotta go send JY off to the airport. I hate the airport ever since after xxxxxx left. Then monday 8.30am got econs quiz! *collapse* *faintz* sigh…

6.50pm: First day it rained when I’m in the hall. Very nice and cooling. Just found out that I think I can’t use Flash to do my assignment, ‘cos would have to implement my own script.. sian.. Think tonight no need to sleep. Can’t get my piggy already… sigh.. So many things to do.. So little time. Very sian now… really..

11.56pm: zzz… so sleepy.. how… have to start assignment… *soob*

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