Past #0155

1.05pm: Very tired and sleepy now. Yesterday or should I say, this morning, I slept at 4am. Missed my morning 8.30am econs tutorial =P Couldn’t wake up. Too tired. Why? Heeheee… Because I stayed up to watch Formula One!!! Wahahaha… Alright lah, it was a really exciting race this morning. And what’s BEST, MONTOYA IS […]

Past #0154

8.34am: I just came back from jogging. But when I woke up at 7am this morning, with my eyes still half closed, I read one weird message from someone. “I’m so stupid. I already knew from the start we are not in the same league. i should have kept my resolve in staying away.” Seriously […]

Past #0153

1.01pm: So cold now. This morning, ran under the rain to the school. Forgotten to take umbrella. Were more or less soaked. So cold after that. Now also very cold. Just hope I won’t fall sick. Can’t afford to. Yesterday night was raining so heavily. The thunder was so loud. So scary. … like anytime […]

Past #0152

*searching through the past history* i ran & search frantically… what am i lookin’ for? what am i doin’ here? where am i? i cried, i shouted, i yelled… there’s no replies.. its dark, darkness everywhere.. and its getting darker….what’s that? what’s that bright tiny dot over there?.. i ran towards it..faster and faster.. ah! […]

Past #0151

It’s monday AGAIN! and It’s going to be OVER SOON!! YEah!! One day down! But oops.. that’s not suppose to be a very good thing. Stayed in the library to study as usual. Planned out my study time table and OMG! I dun have any more extra time! And I need to rush my PROJECTS […]

Past #0150

5.33pm: I’m so EXCITED!!! I took the phone 6510 for almost a year and i DIDN’T know that there’s a stopwatch, countdown timer and a RECORDING FUNCTION!!! This is so EXCITING!! So CUTE! wahahaha… what can I say.. blur me.. kekeke =PP 11.08pm: Just realised that it’s really difficult to live with someone you don’t […]

Past #0149

10.54am: Felt so happy. 3 of my graded game programming assignment, I got 1 A+ and 2 A’s. No idea how I managed to get that but oh well, I got it. Heehee… Felt like telling Ron & Pete now but I not online now. Later probably bah. ..I was dying inside to hold you. […]

Past #0148

8.03pm: Getting away from the game programming notes. No idea what will be tested. I mean, everything seems so unimportant. Hahaha… erm.. hahaha… I also dunno what I’m talking already. Anyway, seems like the notes got more pictures/cartoons than ‘real’ stuff. By the way, I’m not in the library. A bit stiff neck. No idea […]

Past #0147

12.18am: Trying to do my FYP now. Not really do lah. But just wanna test something… and.. kinda bad ‘cos I’ve got no idea how to display the program onto the emulator.. hmm… how? think have to go forum and ask. Very tired now. Went jogging just now. Managed to jog without stopping from my […]

Past #0146

Settle finished all the things liao! Heehee.. Today really tired. Rushed my last game programming assignment yesterday till 1am. Then woke up at 7plus. Not too bad. Oh yah!! I got my econs quiz back!! I Got 13/15!!!! So happy… ‘cos that day wasn’t.. erm.. its its on the day that he left ah. Anyway, […]