Past #0139

8.47am: Not exactly in my best… but.. slightly better.. I can’t afford the time. 2 more months and it’ll be exams soon. This is my final year. I can’t let anything affect me now. I really can’t. I HAD to graduate by next sem. NO MATTER WHAT! I had to control my feelings. I had to concentrate on my studies only. And nothing else… still don’t really have much appetite to eat… gosh.. this is bad.. I can see it repeating.. Oh no.. losing weight unhealthily..

1.27pm: Just finished ironing some clothes and lifting weights. Rest a while, then gotta study. Lagging behind already. Really can’t afford to affect my studies. Don’t think now. Must pull myself up. What will be, will be. Nothing can change it. ^o^ *smile* I will survive right? Must be strong.

4.25pm: Woke up from a one hour nap. Feeling a bit hungry.. hmm.. good thing, good thing.. at least I’m not dwelling on it. Slowly gotta pick up my appetite again. Sigh…

4.48pm: Heeheehee… heeheehee.. =D Silly girl.. smile until like that… heehee… Just a call lah.. uh duh… #114!!

7.00pm: Had my dinner with roomie and weixing + gf. Back in room listening to “What will I do”. Sort of what I’m thinking now… sigh.. my feelings huh… yah…

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