Past #0141

1.48pm: Back at home yesterday. Dunno why, but felt like I got nothing to do. Seems so restless. Sigh.. Maybe.. not really used to it. But anyway, me trying to really plan my study timetable. I only got 2 days to sulk and its almost up. Monday back to room will have to start my engine. Why? ‘cos its already the one week break, which will mean that REALLY had to start studying, else that’s it.

10.18pm: Really rot for the whole day. Just did some stupid test or quiz. And it said I should be dating someone who’s sign is Leo.. hmm.. *ponder* hahaha.. never mind, just boliao. Gonna rest early and go for Big Walk tomorrow. Just chatted with a friend. And another friend and realised that.. hmm.. doubt he’ll come back.

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