Past #0145

4.19pm: Back in hall!! Tomorrow start school again! And I’m going to start studying already! Now rushing the last assignment for Game Programming. After that will have to REALLY FOCUS on my 5 projects. *phew* No time to rest huh? Yah… no time. But no choice. Hey man! Ganbatte! Must have to drive to study. Remember what Beng said? Hahaha… Remember what you used to say. You must do it! *yawn*… only slept an hour and a half.. *yawn* zzzZZzzz…

11.35pm: I’m still doing my assignment. Sigh… See him so stress up.. sigh.. ‘xin1 teng2’ ah… can’t help him anything. Aiyah.. why I still go and bother.. I think I also in quite deep shit myself.. *phui*

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