Past #0147

12.18am: Trying to do my FYP now. Not really do lah. But just wanna test something… and.. kinda bad ‘cos I’ve got no idea how to display the program onto the emulator.. hmm… how? think have to go forum and ask. Very tired now. Went jogging just now. Managed to jog without stopping from my hall to hall 12, then hall 8 and back!! Heehee.. not bad sia.. keke =P… hair still wet now so cannot sleep. But my eyes already half closed… *yawn*..

7.51am: Oh no.. I think I have the habit of sleeping around 12am and waking up around 7 plus am again…

10.11pm: Another day gone just like that. Me just finished bathing. Very nice. The water so cold. Kekeke… Just now at the library talk cock ah. That Cheat really talk cock. Today talked extremely lot. But not too bad lah. At least its fun. *wink* Sigh… Got a checkpoint for our game programming. Just now then realised. And its on the 29th Sep. We haven’t done anything yet. *headache* I mean really having headaches now, not just headache. So many things to do… But never mind lah. 47 more days, then will be my first paper. Then another 12 days will be the end of exams!! Yeah!!

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