Past #0148

8.03pm: Getting away from the game programming notes. No idea what will be tested. I mean, everything seems so unimportant. Hahaha… erm.. hahaha… I also dunno what I’m talking already. Anyway, seems like the notes got more pictures/cartoons than ‘real’ stuff. By the way, I’m not in the library. A bit stiff neck. No idea why. A bit cold. That I know why. ‘cos today rained in the morning and I went to fetch my dear Nana. She no umbrella and turns out that, she only wanted to cover her laptop. O.o kekeke.. oh well, she’s a nice gal. Tho’ she’s so… hmm.. what’s that word.. loyar buruk (corny + crappy in Malay). Heehee.. taught by another fren, Has. Where was I… oh yah.. went to fetch her, and my feet and leg wet. Then went into the library. Freezing ah.. and I was wearing shorts and slippers lor. Never thought that it will rain ah. Think caught a bit of cold. But alright lah, steady. Going back an hour later, then go for my jog. Today will jog the other direction. With CC, MC and fren studying now. Sigh… just a while more.. then go back to.. reeeaaad… Having headaches again. Tomorrow got one Macromedia seminar, so skipping crypto and network lecture to meet Shan in City Hall. Then going home for dinner. Missed my mum’s cooking. Missed so many things… Hmm.. think think.. what can I get in HK.. heehee… aiyah…brain dead now. *yawn*…hmm…. *ponder* *stretch* *yawn* *stoning……..*

11.39pm: *yaaawwwwwwnnn* really so tired… listening to ‘Next time I fall’. aaahhh…. the next time i fall in love.. it will be with you… oh wo wo wo… oh… mei shi jian, wo mei shi jian… sigh.. *stares at the 2nd photo on the first column on my wall… baka..* “you were always on my mind.. you were always on my mind..” sometimes really felt that my life is soooo… full of “i dunno’s”. Life..really so unpredictable..

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