Past #0149

10.54am: Felt so happy. 3 of my graded game programming assignment, I got 1 A+ and 2 A’s. No idea how I managed to get that but oh well, I got it. Heehee… Felt like telling Ron & Pete now but I not online now. Later probably bah. ..I was dying inside to hold you. Couldn’t believe what I felt for you. Dying inside, I was dying inside, but I couldn’t bring myself to touch you…

3.19pm: Now in Suntec Convention Centre auditorium. Having break now. Went for Macromedia MX 2004 launch. Not bad. A lot of new functions. Shan went for interview. So I’m alone now. Dunno if want to go out for tea break. Kinda lazy and tired to walk out. Go toilet.

3.25pm: Ouch… dunno how but hmm.. I knock my head against the toilet’s wall… @#%!!#.. am I really that BLUR?? O.o *ponder*

7.53pm: Back at home! Yeah!.. hmm.. Just finished eating my dinner. Now KLKK. Messaged him but… =)

10.58pm: Kinda bored…

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