Past #0153

1.01pm: So cold now. This morning, ran under the rain to the school. Forgotten to take umbrella. Were more or less soaked. So cold after that. Now also very cold. Just hope I won’t fall sick. Can’t afford to. Yesterday night was raining so heavily. The thunder was so loud. So scary. … like anytime will kena lightning strike. Aiyah… i lousy lah, i know, lightning, thunder also scare. hahaha… oh well.. that’s me! *wink*

6.02pm: One and a half article down. 4.5 more to go… This is gonna take ages… ah.. nice song ‘Come what may’ on Class 95.0 …

7.45pm: This is really tiring. Another article down. 3.5 more to go. Going back to my hall now. Maybe will try to finish the other half that I did just now. Then later go jog, pass things to Annabel. Oh.. did I tell you who is Annabel? She’s a girl in my course, quite smart-looking. Dunno leh, kinda attracted me in some way. Anyway, gotta pass some CDs to her later. Then continue my jog. Then got my Bachelor! Hahaha… okie lah, something to de-stress a while. okie! gotta go! tataz!! *muakz* me having headaches already. Stare at computer for too long.

8.23pm: Wanted to go back early then can jog early… Came out from the library.. *SHOCK* WHY IS IT RAINING! sigh… born to get fat..

11.48pm: Suddenly I felt fear. Fear of seeing him again.. Ouch.. headache again..

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