Past #0155

1.05pm: Very tired and sleepy now. Yesterday or should I say, this morning, I slept at 4am. Missed my morning 8.30am econs tutorial =P Couldn’t wake up. Too tired. Why? Heeheee… Because I stayed up to watch Formula One!!! Wahahaha… Alright lah, it was a really exciting race this morning. And what’s BEST, MONTOYA IS OUT! He cannot win the title. Me don’t really like him ah. And the next race, in Suzuka, will be between M Schmacher and Kimi Raikkonen!!! Both I support!! Yeah! Doesn’t really matter which one wins, but I think JY would rather Kimi wins lah. He wins also not bad, very cute. kekeke.. *yawn* My school life in a mess now. I really desperate need to get my projects done. ah… haven’t had my lunch yet, only had a cup of soya bean milk this morning. But the canteen a bit too far away. Sigh. Okie lah, enough nonsense, gotta go start my econs article. Haven’t been touching anything during the weekends. Tomorrow will be a busy day. After school, me had to go Suntec collect my Precious Thots card, Bugis to buy my Muji paper for notes, Tampines to buy one top that I liked before going home for dinner. Then on wednesday, gonna skip the guest lecture and go Malaysia with my family. So happening huh? Yeah! I’ll take charge of my life from now on. Damn those idiots who messed up my life! heehee… =PP Joking only lah, not really idiots lah. *wink*

3.39pm: Yeah, FYP meeting postpone to next week!! So I don’t have to feel so stress! Kept thinking what can I do. No time to do anything yet. Wahahah… heehee.. Back in my lab. Really hungry now. Going to eat one bread. Had one cup of barley just now. Thinking of getting the book “I kissed dating goodbye” tomorrow. Yes, I shall kiss dating goodbye.. wahahha.. no lah, see how lah. Nobody knows what will happen right? Since there’s a part 2 to that book “Boy meets Girl – Say Hello to Courtship”

4.29pm: Back in my room. Drizzling now. But doesn’t matter ‘cos today I’m not jogging. Hmm… long time never update my homepage. Maybe later, after I’m done with my econs articles, then I go do. Yesh, this shall be my schedule for today. *yawn* this is tiring.. but sleeping somehow seems like awaste of time sometimes.

8.01pm: Weird things does happen when you stay in hall ya? Yup.. it does. Was listening to the music just now and “BOM”, a loud sound came from the door. And those people who knew me well, they’ll know how loud usually i listened and imagined I got startled by that sound. So you can expect how loud it is. Went temple just now to pray, just in case lah. Hmm.. ‘Online Alert’.. oh.. ok.. hmm..

11.05pm: Sometimes I wonder if he really cares. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever in his heart. “Dreaming of You”

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