Past #0156

7.23am: Just woke up. Still very early. Today skipping one hour tutorial. Heehee.. Didn’t expected that. But I already had a date with my cousin. Was supposed to be a guest lecture but they swap it in the last minute. Anyway, I’m still quite tired now. But need to try and finish up my econs… so.. sigh.. My friend helped me bought this book yesterday “I kissed dating goodbye” Read the first chapter. Seems quite nice. Suddenly realised that I really need to consider dating seriously instead of jumping into one so soon. Maybe really will kissed it goodbye.

5.20pm: Came back from JB, bought a swimming costume. Purple colour cross-back one!!! Heehee…

9.59pm: I love my mum, I love my dad, and of course, I love my sis, I adore her so much. I love my family. But sometimes, when I think about it. It makes me just wanna get out of here. I felt so helpless. I’m still studying, I can’t help anything at all with money matters. Not even a little bit. I looked at her, spending the money away. Sometimes where she shouldn’t. I looked at my dad, complaining and frustrated about what she had done. He looked so old. I looked at my mum, she sort of already gave up. Gosh… I looked at myself… *speechless* What can I do… It’s still okie if you spend money when you got the money. But it’s not okie once you start owing money… Damn.. I’m suppose to be doing my econs project and now..

10.56pm: Two more econs article to go! YESH! GANBATTE KUDAISAI!

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