Past #0157

12.07am: One more article, and after that is editting only by my friend. *yawn* Think I’m so tired till just now I logged into this yahoo web, i entered my password as my username. Hahahaha… *yawn*

12.43am: Okie…*yawn* Done with the last one… Gotta start packing my stuff and plan my schedule.. *yawn* *Eyes half-closed*

7.51am: Good morning! Me just woken up. Going to school already. Go wash up first. Heehee… Kept forgetting today is Thursday. Kept thinking its monday. Goodness..

12.17pm: The more I think, the more I felt so irritated. Never mind… don’t think that much. Me just paid my bills. So hot today, scorching. *Phew* Now my whole back is wet.

1.10pm: I’m really so irritated now till I can’t do my work. Sian. Sigh.. never realised there’s such a person out there. HEadache ah.

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