Past #0161

1.01pm: Have you ever felt like crying but no tears flow out? Can’t seem to cry anymore. Have you ever felt so heartbreak that you totally felt numb, helpless, lost? Have you ever wondered and questioned yourself on things that you can’t answer? I’m not crying, I can’t cry anymore. I felt numb, I can’t think, I can’t smile, I can’t eat. History repeats. Don’t let me be the last to know.

4.06pm: Basically, I felt kinda miserable right now.. I didn’t want to find out the truth, the whole truth. No, that’s not what I want. I’m afraid to. To find out what’s beyond that. But at the same time, I wished I knew. I wished I knew right from the start, so that I don’t have to look like a fool. Hey, I’m not having my PMS… or maybe that contributes a bit to it. Haha.. but.. then.. Sometimes, keeping silence is the hardest thing to do.

11.06pm: Suddenly felt so free and light. Like some kinda pressure have been liften off me. No more unknowns, no more grey areas. It’s clear, so clear and bright. Start of a new life. Must choose properly this time. But first of all, I need to make sure the addiction is gone first. Need to get rid of that. It will be gone. I have faith in myself. From now on, everything will start from the beginning. I’m pressing the RESET button… N.O.W. *pressed button* *BLINK*

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